EST 1973
Augustus Egg, The Travelling Companions (1862).
The Australasian Victorian Studies Association
aims to promote
the activities and research of scholars

in Victorian literary, historical, and cultural studies, including art history, architecture, politics, popular and print culture,

and, increasingly, considerations of
'The Victorian'
beyond the chronological period, and beyond the geographical centre of British Victorian Studies.



Since its first conference in 1973, AVSA has provided a meeting place for scholars in Victorian Studies in the southern hemisphere. AVSA’s membership is international, with a particular focus on Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. We also have strong links with associations in Britain (BAVS) and the United States (NAVSA).
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AVSA publishes an interdisciplinary on-line scholarly journal, the Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies (AJVS). Submissions and enquiries should be directed to the General Editor, Joanne Wilkes, via Sydney Open Journals, University of Sydney Library.


AVSA conferences are held regularly, hosted by members around the region. We also run occasional seminars.
20-24 Jul 2021
AVSA 2021 conference - held as part of the Literary Studies Convention
Victoria University (held online)
25-29 SepT 2019
AVSA 2019 conference - 1869 Conference and Heritage Festival
University of Otago, NZ
4-7 Jul 2018
AVSA 2018 conference - held as part of the Literary Studies Convention
Australian National University
AVSA’s Constitution is available at the following link
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