Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education

One of the benefits of AVSA membership is access to the online teaching resources provided by COVE (Collaborative Organisation for Virtual Education). COVE is a scholar-driven open-access platform that publishes both peer-reviewed material and “flipped classroom” student projects built with the site’s online tools.

 AVSA, BAVS and NAVSA support COVE, which is used by lecturers at a range of US, UK, and Canadian institutions including, the University of Chicago, University of Florida, University of Alberta, Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Exeter.
COVE Studio, for example, is a password-protected space for reading and annotation. Teachers can easily access vetted, ADA-compliant texts, add them to an anthology, and make them available to students. Students can annotate texts on their own, as well as share their thoughts with the others in a class, with comments accessible only to others in the class. While COVE Editions is the open-access and flipped classroom publishing environment for COVE. This section of the site enables peer-review and vetting of scholarly editions and makes it possible to publish material with your students, using COVE tools (a timeline-, map-, and gallery-builder).
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