Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies

The Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies (AJVS) is published online, free and open-access, using the OJS platform. Fully peer-reviewed, and indexed by the MLA and other indexing bodies (ISSN: 1327-8746), AJVS reflects the interdisciplinary and international research and membership base of the Australasian Victorian Studies Association (AVSA).

AJVS welcomes good, interesting new work on any topic relating to Victorian Studies, with a long nineteenth century and no geographical boundaries - but (necessarily) with a focus on English-language texts and sources. Submissions to AJVS should be addressed to readers and scholars specialising in nineteenth-century studies in the humanities, working in a variety of disciplinary, theoretical, methodological, regional and thematic fields. Many of the Journal's issues are on specific topics or themes, frequently with Guest Editors, but submissions are welcome all year round for inclusion in General Issues. The Journal Editor is Professor Joanne Wilkes of the University of Auckland:
AJVS pursues a high standard of scholarship and publishing values in every issue, and our pool of peer reviewers is international and multi-disciplinary in scope. Post-graduate students are welcome to submit once they have a contribution to make to work in their field. They should do so in consultation with their academic advisors, and be aware that their work will be blind-reviewed by assessors who will expect papers of a high standard of scholarship.

As an international journal based in Australasia, we are also interested in reviewing books on Victorian Studies from anywhere in the world. Please contact Reviews Editor, Alison Bedford at
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